About Me

Hi everyone =] My name is Tiffany.

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I was born and raised in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Some people may say I’m a rare breed, but if you grew up here you would know there are quite a few of us. 

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My dad and I <3

I was raised by two of the most incredible people. They always made sure we were surrounded by family. They were married for about 25 years, unfortunately they got a divorce my senior year of high school.

My mom and I<3


I am the youngest of three. I have one older brother and one older sister.

I graduated high school with high honors. I went on to college to study business and psychology. College wasn’t for me so instead I got married and had babies. =)

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“When we have each other, we have everything.”

Today I am happily married to my husband David and we were blessed with two amazing boys, Thomas and Liam. I am a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a mom it is the best thing that ever happened to me. My boys are my world. They are my fun, loving, handsome, energetic boys.

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My husband and I met in 2010 while working at a restaurant. He was a food expediter and I was a hostess. There was always flirting but nothing more until one day I text him. I looked in the hostess computer and got his number (I know a little stalkerish). I sent him a text that said “I heart you.”

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When we first started dating 😘

After that I fell in love and we got married. He is truly amazing. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is the hardest working man I know and always puts his family first. The one thing I love most about him is he can always make me laugh even if it isn’t that funny. I love him more than words can describe.

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This is us now <3

It didn’t take us long to start popping out the babies.

Thomas is my oldest. He is such a lover. He is always hugging and kissing everyone. He loves to cuddle and hold hands. He is the sweetest boy I know. He is also the funniest. When he makes me laugh he makes my cry. He is also the best big brother ever.

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Liam is my baby. I found out I was pregnant with Liam on Thomas’s first birthday. He has a completely different look than his brother. He is more shy and a little sensitive. He tends to cry about everything. He is very silly. He definitely looks up to his brother and always wants to play with him. He is the cutest boy ever. His hair is amazing and I don’t know if I will ever cut it.

About Tiffany

Five words that best describe me.

1. Silly 😜

<img src="filename.gif" alt="Tiffany"> I am always doing silly things to make people laugh especially my husband and my kids.

2. Loud

I come from the loud mouth family, so even when I try and talk normal it always comes out louder than it should.

3. Selfless

I get my selflessness from my husband,
because he is always putting other people before himself and it rubs off on me.

4. Strong 💪🏻

I have a very strong personality. I don’t let things get to me that easily.

5. Smart

Personal growth is very important. I like to educate myself by reading books and attending educational workshops or seminars.

10 things you may not know about me.

1. I used to have long hair.

2. I love to drink pickle juice.

3. My hair use to be blonde.

5. I prefer steak over chicken.

6. I am a TV show fanatic.

7. My husband is Armenian from Sweden.

8.  If I could live in another era it would be the 1920’s or 1970’s.

9. I like to wear glasses sometimes.

10. My favorite food is Mexican food.

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Lots of Love, Tiffany <3