Before becoming a mom, I never really thought about “patience.” I never really thought it was something I needed to work on, until I had 2 toddlers running around. Many things were put in perspective. I started to pay more attention to the little things. I realized that being mom requires a lot, a lot of patience.

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So what is patience? Patience is not necessarily the ability to wait, but it is the actions we take while waiting. As a mom I work on patience everyday, it is my number 1 struggle. My patience is tested all the time when it comes to my boys. I think most moms would agree with me that staying patient with your kids can be challenging.

1. Think like a toddler.

Put yourself in their shoes. Most of the time our toddlers get upset because they simply don’t understand. Toddlers are still learning right from wrong, and it’s our job as parents to teach them. We have to remember that it takes them longer to receive words and then process those words. Just pretend like you are them for that moment and think how you would want your mom to react to the situation.

2. Quality “Me Time”

I don’t know about you, but I love quality “me time.” I need quality “me time.” As a mother, I always put the needs of my boys first and seem to ignore mine. Dealing with the day-to-day stresses of life on top of being a mom, you definitely deserve a break. Before you hit your breaking point, make sure you take some time for yourself.

3.  Keep your cool

I know what it feels like when you ask your child not to do something repeatedly and they just don’t listen. Some days I find myself feeling frustrated and angry more than others and I just want to scream. To keep calm, I like to close my eyes and take 3 deep breaths. It gives me time to cool down, assess the situation, and then react accordingly.

4. Think Before You Speak

How many times have you raised your voice to your children without knowing the whole story? How many times have you accused the wrong child of something they didn’t do? Our children aren’t just mimicking our actions, but they also mimic our words. They are like sponges, they soak everything up we do and say. Before you speak to your child, check your tone, don’t be negative, don’t yell, and make sure you listen to them as well.

5. O.P.S

David has to remind me of O.P.S on a weekly basis. O.P.S is short for “other people’s struggles.” We have 2 incredible, healthy boys that misbehave here and there or do something that frustrates us every now and then. We don’t ever think about other people’s struggles with their own kids that may have it worse than us. I sometimes complain to David about how Liam wouldn’t stop being a crybaby all day and he says to me “babe, it could be worse. Stop complaining.”

To become a more patient mom starts and ends with you. Patience won’t happen overnight, but like anything, if you practice at it, it will become natural. If you as the mom practice patience, then your child will do the same. I hope you are able to utilize my helpful tips into your everyday life.

Check back for my next post on ways to stay sane as a stay at home mom!